My work is a search for and a vehicle for conveying meaning. Composition and materials are a journey into self and out into the world.

Watercolor monoprints made on a flat bed press embed and absorb the colors into the paper creating a local and emotional content. A series of variations on a theme is made by using the ghost image on a previous plate as a starting point for the next print. Collages unify disparate experiences spanning time and space. Multiple canvases can be a filmstrip. Pieces in a jigsaw puzzle with varying arrangements, invite observers’ participation. Stones glued into the skin of a sculpture are a dynamic surface. Wood planks can be carved to create prints and used as part of a sculpture. Photographs submerged into a drawing, print or painting are a background of events. Dynamic composition can establish in the viewers perspective. Line defines space inside out and suggests movement or stillness. Subject matter is the recycling of experience. Dreaming with eyes wide open.